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Wake Up America, or the Republic Will Fall

What is wrong with Americans? Are Americans being “Mind Controlled? Have Americans been lied to so long that they have been desensitized by lies to know what the truth is? These are the questions that need to be answered to figure out the cause of the fall of the Republic. You now only hear the mainstream media and the government call us a Democracy. What happened to the Republic, spoke of in the Constitution? Why is everything in principle, “Socialism“?

Are Americans being mind controlled? The answer is “Yes“. The media outlets in newspapers and television are controlled by national and international corporations as well as the industrial military complex, all having their own agenda for control and profits over Americans. We are constantly told that we need bigger government, spend more money to fix the economy, more Homeland Security to stop questionable terrorist, more regulations over all farms, even though it affects only small farms most, and big pharmaceutical wanting to take away our self control over our health and force a healthcare on us which is unconstitutional. It seems the saying is right: “Repeat a lie long enough, and people will start to believe it”

This is what television news corporations are masters at, pitching lies and disinformation over and over again day after day till the public believe the lies and disinformation. The movie “Network” is no longer a satire from the 70s, but true to life truth that the television controls popular opinion. The television tell you how to dress, what to eat, what to think, and people even raise their children by the television, but people do not know it’s an entertainment device only for boredom. The media will tell you anything you want to hear and never report on real issues that concern your rights and freedoms being attacked and whittled away bit by bit by big government till one day they will be gone altogether.

Media drives the government lies to convince you they know what’s best for you and your family. Government and media are both controlled by international banker families as well, who own and control the media owners of networks such as CBS, NBC, ABC, CNBC, FOX, MSNBC, CNN and local networks as well as most popular newspapers who are syndicated under corporate control. You really never hear the real news from American MSM of conflicts in the Middle East, unless it is only supportive of their view or in favor of the war.

The president Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama, media talking heads, and most politicians will tell you over and over that we are a Democracy. Where in the Constitution does it mention Democracy? The word “Democracy” does not appear in the Constitution. Our nation is a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. The Founders feared Democracy which is unrestricted rule by majority and favored a Republic, which is rule of law where the law limit’s the power of the government. As you can see, today’s politicians favor a Democracy, because it gives them more dictatorial power over the population of America. Democrat politicians showed their true beliefs in democracy last year at town meetings being arrogant and above their constituents who put them in office. Telling the people that they knew what was best for them and not smart enough to make decision for themselves. This is the rule of Democracy that has been forced down your throat for many years.

To remove us from this dictatorial control by our government, people are going to have to learn and memorize “The Bill of Rights” and “TheDeclaration of Independence”. Only then will we win back our country from the foreign invaders who came here to conquer and control in 1890s by first the money and then the government, later on through stealth and infiltration and media. The presidents since JFK were members of Secret Orders and Secret Societies that John F. Kennedy warned us of in his speech on April 27, 1961. We will have to remove these anti Christian Elite bankers and their secret societies and secret orders to save the Republic from these anti Americans and anti Constitutional enemies from within our borders. Rout them out as Thomas Jefferson would have if he was alive today as he did back then.

We will have to abolish the Federal Reserve and their counterfeit notes backed by nothing and replace them with United States of America Treasury notes back by gold and silver and return to manufacturing in our own country by raising import tax by 35%, forcing manufacturers back to the States. Otherwise we will collapse into a third world country and that’s when the other countries of power will divide us up like pieces of cake, then America will be no more ever again.


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