Election Day 2010: Voting, Why Bother?


Today is the day many Americans will turn out to their local polling places and cast votes for the leaders they want to represent them. But what are their votes really worth?

Truth be told, ever since I can remember, America has not changed one itty bitty bit and everything is the same, despite I personally have lived through many power shifts, four different presidential administrations, and under both Democratic and Republican control. From my experience, I’ve found out that Democrats and Republicans differ in name only, but their motives are the same nonetheless: American politicians work to better themselves financially and socially, not really caring what happens to the common citizen.

The fact of the matter is that though the United States of America claims to be a free country and respect the rights and freedoms of its citizens and also claims to protect the rights and freedoms of people abroad, she is lying through her teeth, and many countries outside of the US (including her own northern neighbor) have done far more to advance the civil rights of society than she ever has. Once again, the average American citizen turns a blind eye to this simple fact, remaining overly patriotic to a country that is obsessed with depriving citizens of their rights and also obsessed with being a one-world government.

So while the average American citizen is showing up to his/her polling place of choice, I just sit here and laugh at and mock them for their sheer ignorance. Nothing has changed during my 23 years in this country, and I still recognize the United States of America the same way I did back then: it’s really no different at all. No matter who the American people elect, this country is going nowhere just due to the nature of American politics.

American politicians really should take a lesson from our northern neighbors or from European countries where politicians actually listen to their constituents and work to better society and not themselves. In several European countries and in Canada, LGBTs are allowed full marriage rights, for example. That’s an example of the betterment of society we’re just never going to see in the US, and one that directly affects me.

So go ahead and vote. You’re just wasting your own time and wages, so I don’t really care. Just know your vote doesn’t count, it never has, and it never will.


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