Voter Asks Trump How He Plans To Be A Role Model As President (Video)


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was asked by a man in New Hampshire on Feb. 4 about being a role model for young girls (video below).

The man, Joseph Manzoli, asked the question during a one-on-one with Trump hosted by CNN's Anderson Cooper.

"I have three wonderful daughters at home," Manzoli said, "and I want nothing more for them than to look at their president as a role model.

"Throughout the course of this campaign, you’ve said some disparaging comments about women, about people from other countries, other religions, and about everybody who’s disagreed with you.

"Explain to me how I can look at my daughters and have them look up to President Trump as a role model."

After suggesting the question was a set-up by CNN, Trump insisted that no one had more respect for women than he.

Trump recalled hiring a woman for "a major, major construction job" in New York City 30 years ago, which "just didn't happen" back then. 

He also mentioned having several female executives working for him.

"I have been great to women, and women have been great to me," Trump said. "They've done a great job.

"I will bring up things ... that people don't want to bring up. I talk about immigration, stronger than anybody else. I talk about building a wall."

Trump then suggested New Hampshire's heroin problem was the result of foreigners' "driving trucks right over the border, loaded up with cocaine, loaded up with heroin, loaded up with all sorts of drugs."

"I'm stopping that," he said. "And these politicians can't stop it; they don't know. Look, it's a different deal. They don't know ... I'm going to straighten out things."

Trump added that "the world" now agrees with him on Muslims. He also slammed President Barack Obama for refusing to use the term, "radical Islamic terrorism."

In 2006, Trump referred to Rosie O'Donnell as "a big, fat pig," also calling her an "animal" and a "slob," according to Politifact.

In 2012, Trump said Bette Midler was "disgusting," "grotesque" and "ugly," and in 2015, Trump called Arianna Huffington "a dog."

Trump also told former Playboy playmate Brande Roderick in 2013, "It must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees."

Sources: Mediaite, Politifact / Photo Credit: CNN via YouTube

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