Former Virginia First Lady Maureen McDonnell Sent To Prison On Corruption Charges

Virginia state’s former first lady will be heading to prison after being convicted on corruption charges while involved in politics.

Maureen McDonnell, the wife of former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell, was sentenced to one year in prison on Feb. 20 for her position in a bribery scheme that ultimately tarnished her husband’s political career.

Mrs. McDonnell was sentenced on eight public corruption counts; while prosecutors wanted a year and a half long sentence, the defendant’s legal team was asking for probation and 4,000 hours of community service.

The husband and wife team were both convicted last September for providing political favors for monetary benefits of $165,000 to Jonnie Williams, the CEO of Star Scientific Inc., a nutrition supplement company. 

The former governor was already sentenced to two years in prison in January. He is currently free on bond while appealing his convictions, which will begin with proceedings in May.

The trial against the couple showcased their strained marriage to the public, with Mr. McDonnell testifying that he worked later hours than he needed in order to “avoid his wife’s wrath.”

Moreover, many witnesses testified about Mrs. McDonnell’s unusual behavior and fits of anger, which at one point led a walkout from the staff at the Governor’s mansion. 

It was also implied that Mrs. McDonnell had a “crush” on Williams, although she later denied the claim.

Sources: Yahoo! News, Fox News

Photo Credit: vatourismpr/Flickr, dailyentertainmentnews.com


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