Virginia Lieutenant Governor Candidate Northam Blows Off Handshake Offer From Opponent (Picture)


Virginia democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam is in the news for all the wrong reasons today after he was seen refusing to shake the hand of his opponent after a brief television appearance.

Northam and his Republican opponent E.W. Jackson appeared on Virginia news station News Channel 3 on Thursday to discuss their respective positions on various issues leading up to tomorrow’s elections.

The candidates discussed topics ranging from healthcare to same sex marriage. For the most part, we heard standard party-line responses from both candidates.

At the end of the segment, Jackson is seen reaching over to shake Northam’s hand. Northam, eyes fixed on the narrator, ignores the gesture.  Jackson then tapped Northam’s leg to get him to acknowledge his extended hand, but Northam ignores Jackson completely.

This press probably isn’t the coverage Northam’s campaign was hoping for after the segment, but hey, you get what you ask for. Jackson, trying to capitalize on his opponent’s misstep, sent out a short email on the ignored handshake.

“I was happy to have an opportunity last night to sit with my opponent and Les Smith at NewsChannel 3 to discuss the issues in this race,” Jackson said. “But I was disappointed when, after he focused so much on what divides us, Ralph Northam refused to even shake my hand.”

Don’t worry Mr. Jackson, Tom Brady knows exactly how you feel.

Northam currently holds a 16 percentage-point lead over Jackson in the latest polls. 

Here’s a picture of handshake attempt:

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Sources: The Blaze, Breitbart


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