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Virginia Lieutenant Governor Candidate E.W. Jackson Claims Evolution is False Because Chimps Can't Talk

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On Tuesday, BuzzFeed revealed that Republican nominee for lieutenant governor in Virginia E.W. Jackson believes that evolution is false because chimpanzees cannot speak as humans do.

In his book Ten Commandments to an Extraordinary Life, Jackson offers all sorts of wisdom on the matter.

“It is amazing the length to which people will go to prove what is so palpably false,” Jackson wrote, and added that speech is a gift from God.

While studies have shown that humans and chimpanzees once shared an ancestor in the past, the finding is often confused with the notion that humans evolved from chimpanzees.

Jackson’s reckless research makes his already strange opinions even more absurd.

Amazingly, this claim is one of Jackson’s milder ones. In his book, he discusses the emptying effect of yoga through meditation, and warns that Satan is happy to “invade the empty vacuum of your soul and possess it.”

In the past, Jackson has also decried Planned Parenthood as the Ku Klux Klan of the modern era, reportedly “slaughtering” a disproportionate number of African-American babies. He also called Obama an anti-Semitist, apparently because of his “Muslim associations” and dealings with enemies of Israel.

The conservative minister is also known for his contradictory religious opinions and as an advocate of the “prosperity gospel.” The gospel preaches that the pursuit of money is not evil and does not make men evil, a concept that opposes the teachings in the New Testament. 

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