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Video Of Young Boy Killing 2 Men Released by ISIS

ISIS never fails to disgust the world. In a new propaganda video released by the terrorist organization this month, a young boy, who appears to be no older than 10-years-old, is seen shooting two men, execution style.

It is reported that ISIS claims the two men are Russian spies, however Russian authorities have not yet commented on their identities. The victims are dressed in all gray, kneeling on the ground, their heads lowered and hands tied behind their backs, while the child stands next to an ISIS militant, both holding guns.

The somber look on both victims is absolutely devastating. CNN reports that the young boy shoots each victim in the back of the head, killing both. The video appears to be using special effects such as slow motion. At one point, after the victims are executed, the child is seen raising his gun towards the sky. The Christian Post reports a voice in the video is heard saying "by Allah's grace, they are now in custody of the lion cubs of Khilafah.”

The video is titled "Uncovering an Enemy Within" and has been surfacing all over social media sites in the past few weeks. According to CNN, the young boy seen in this particular video has appeared in other ISIS videos and goes by the name Abdullah. Reports suggest that ISIS is producing and releasing these types of propaganda videos in order to gain more popularity than Al Qaeda.

ISIS targets children not only for the shock value, but because they are easy to indoctrinate and train. There are many training camps in Syria where boys as young as 10 years of age are taught to shoot rifles and kill. These children are brainwashed into accepting a radical view of Islam. Children who refuse to join the cause of ISIS are executed in horrific manners including death by beheading.

Sources: Christian Post; CNN

Photo: thegatewaypundit


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