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Video: Woman Calls Pres. Obama "Communist" but Can't Say Why

Before the vice presidential debate in Danville, Kentucky, last night, MSNBC's Chris Matthews interviewed people outside the debate site.

While Matthews was interviewing a supporter of President Obama, a woman off-camera yelled out "He's a communist!"

Matthews later interviewed the woman who yelled the insult and asked her why she thought President Obama was a communist. 

The unidentified woman said: "All you have to do is study it out, just study it out and you'll see. You haven't done your homework, buddy. He's a communist and those of us who are not voting for him know it."

When pressed by Matthews by what she meant by "Communist," the woman said: "You don't know?  You don't know?"

Matthews asked her what she meant again. Once again, she failed to provide proof of her claim, saying: "You just study it out."

Moments later, the woman denied that President Obama was an American, but then added: "Just because he was born here doesn't mean he thinks like us, he's a communist."


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