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Video: Where is Your Congressman?

Heritage’s sister organization, Heritage  Action for America, recently released a video asking this very question. It is a humorous video (starring veteran actor Clint Howard) that points to a more serious problem. Where are the congressmen in August? Are they holding townhall meetings to

address constituent concerns? If not, what are they hiding? Are they ashamed that they did not pass a budget? Ashamed of the vote on Health Care?

We have written about all this Congress has done in the last two years, and the August recess is a time that Congress is supposed to take time to address constituent concerns over their performance over the last year. If townhalls are not held it takes away an important part of the democratic process. Congress works for the people and the people deserve to be heard.

If you do choose to attend one of the few townhalls his summer, remember to take a copy of The Heritage Foundation’s Solutions for America. With over 20 chapters and 100 specific policy suggestions, Solutions has plenty of ammunition to keep any congressmen on their toes.



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