Video: Watch the Film 'Innocence of Muslims' that Led to Violence, Deaths in Egypt and Libya

The film 'Innocence of Muslims' (video below), which sparked protests in Libya and Egypt, and led to the deaths American ambassador Christopher Stevens along with three other staffers, was allegedly produced and directed by American Sam Bacile, who is now in hiding.

Protesters say that the film's portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad is offensive as it shows him as someone who approves of child sex abuse and extramarital sex, and calls a donkey “the first Muslim animal."

Bacile said in an earlier statement that he raised $5 million from about 100 Jewish donors, whom he declined to identify. Working with about 60 actors and 45 crew members, Bacile said he made the two-hour movie in three months last year in California.

Bacile denied the film was an attack on Muslims: “It is an American production, not designed to attack Muslims but to show the destructive ideology of Islam. The movie further reveals in a satirical fashion the life of Muhammad.”

The 14-minute trailer for the English-language film was dubbed into Arabic and posted on YouTube. The trailer was and copied and viewed tens of thousands of times.

On the phone from his hiding place, Bacile did not step back from his film and told the Associated Press, “Islam is a cancer, period.”  He also said that the two-hour movie will help Israel by "exposing Islam’s hypocrisies."

Steve Klein, who worked as a consultant on the film, told the Daily Mail that he did not feel guilty for the death of Ambassador Stevens: "It is not our fault, we told the truth. I feel bad for the death of the ambassador, he didn’t do anything to anybody, but it’s not our fault. We didn’t want anybody to get killed but on the other hand the truth had to come out."

"We told the truth and these people reacted the way that Mohammed wanted to them to react by killing people. Do I feel guilt? Yes, but not for me, I feel it for those that did this. Do I feel shame? Yes, but not for me. Killing this man fits in with their legal and ethical standpoint."

Klein said that the film was produced to stop the Muslim population in America reaching 10 percent because they would "'work together and attack their host country."  Klein did not say exactly how a film would limit the Muslim population in America.

Klein, who claims to be a Christian, added: "I am not afraid and if these people tried to kill me they would not be the first. I sleep with a 12 gauge shotgun by me and my wife sleeps with a 38 caliber pistol next to her."


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