Video: War Veteran John Ackley Denied Re-Enlistment Because He is Now a Woman

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Specialist John Ackley is a war veteran who served in Iraq with the 34th Red Bull infantry division in 2009, but these days John is now Ashley (video below).

When his active duty was coming to an end, the Minnesota National Guardsman started making the transition from man to woman.

Ashley told News 10: "I figured there would be boards and I would have to talk to people all the way up the chain of command. But no, they were fine with it."

After legally changing her name to Ashley, she also started hormone therapy in her hometown of Pine City, Minnesota.

Ashley said she's in the process of trying to re-enlist, but the Army's medical fitness regulations state that anyone who has undergone or attempted to change their gender is unfit for enlistment because of "psychological conditions."

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