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Video: Voter Registration Worker Says He Doesn't Get Paid to Register Democrats

The deadline to register to vote in Nevada is only six days away.  So both parties are scrambling to register voters.

An unidentified voter registration worker (pictured) was recently caught on a cell phone video (below) saying that he was paid by the number of voters he registers, unless they are Democrats, reports and KOLO-TV.

The unidentified worker asked one voter: “Could you do me a favor? Mark non-partisan on there. I’ll get credit for it. I don’t get credit for Democrats.”

According to KOLO-TV, the man may have broken the law and/or implicated the Republican party in a felony.

Nevada law states: “It is unlawful for a person to provide compensation for registering voters that is based upon... the total number of voters a person registers in a particular political party.”

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller told KOLO-TV: "It is alarming that he was making some suggestion that he wouldn’t be credited for a registration if it came under a particular party affiliation, but there’s no explanation what that meant."


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