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Video: Vice President Joe Biden Says the GOP is for 'Vouchercare'

Vice President Joe Biden spoke at the Democratic National Convention, on Thursday, where he smacked down Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan's voucher program, which would replace the current system of Medicare with coupons that seniors would use to buy private insurance at a discount, reports


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Vice President Biden said that Republicans claim to have the courage to make the tough calls, but "they didn't have the courage to tell you which calls they'd make."

He also mocked the Republicans for claiming to "care so much about Medicare."

"What they didn't tell you is the plan they are proposing would cause Medicare to go bankrupt by 2016 and what they really didn't tell you is they're not for preserving Medicare at all. They’re for a whole new plan. They’re for Vouchercare. That’s not courage. That’s not even truthful.”


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