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Video: U.S. Released German Soldiers after World War II Ended, But Imprisons Terrorist Suspects Indefinitely

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow recalled on her show Thursday night how German soldiers were held on U.S. soil during World War II, but eventually released after the war was over.

Maddow contrasted the German prisoners with terrorism suspects who have been held in Guantanamo Bay for up to 12 years with no end in sight because the so-called 'war on terror' has no end in sight, even though Osama Bin Laden has been killed, along with numerous al Qaeda operatives (video below).

Maddow said: “We have always held prisoners in wartime, and obviously we have always killed people in wartime. That’s not what is weird now. What is weird now is that we are doing those things right now, this year for twelve years now, as part of a war that we say is a worldwide war in which the only declared combatant country is us."

"We have been at war before as a country. The reason we agonize now, the reason we agonize over how we are at war now is because the generally accepted precepts of war that make us relatively OK holding prisoners without trial and killing people without trial are those are precepts that also assume that war is a thing that has an end, after which the prisoners go home, after which we have to arrested people and try them without just targeting them and shooting them from afar.”


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