Video: U.S. Army Spent $5 Billion on New Uniforms to Look Cooler than Marines

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In 2004, the U.S. Army introduced their 'Universal Camouflage Pattern' uniforms of gray and green blotches, which were supposed to camouflage soldiers in rough terrain and deserts.

However, the new uniforms, which cost $5 billion, didn't work in either environment.

Now the Army is developing a replacement and has introduced a temporary uniform of green and brown camouflage, reports The Daily Mail.

However, some claim that the new uniform is more about ego than military performance.

Military journalist Eric Graves told The Daily Mail: "Brand identity trumped camouflage utility. That's what this really comes down to: we can't allow the Marine Corps to look more cool than the Army."

Others say that the inspiration for the new design, known as UCP, was developed because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Soldiers wearing light desert camouflage uniforms, with darker equipment, stood out like sore thumbs, making the troops easy targets.


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