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Video: Ultra-Dramatic Wailing Over Kim Jong-il

Ever since North Korea announced the death of its "Dear Leader" leader Kim Jong-il, the nation has been described as one that is awash with tears. However some say it is all fake, that he was not very "Dear" to the beleaguered masses in the Communist country, and the video we are seeing is for the benefit of the rest of the world.

Not so, say people who have just returned from North Korea.

“You could see they were real tears,” Wang Haoyan, a Chinese student who attends school in Pyongyang, told Reuters. ”People greatly respected Kim Jong-il, and would stand straight at attention when applauding him.”

“It is as if your father had died. They cried themselves blind,” said Kim Dong-soo, a South Korean worker at a joint South-North venture in North Korea.

Check out the latest video of the mourning:


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