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Clip Of Donald Trump Kissing Ivanka Goes Viral (Video)

Clip Of Donald Trump Kissing Ivanka Goes Viral (Video)  Promo Image

A clip of President Donald Trump kissing his daughter, Ivanka Trump, is going viral after viewers noticed the awkward way in which he kissed her (video below).

According to The Inquisitr, Donald Trump brought his daughter with him to an event at H&K Equipment in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. Ivanka Trump was called up to say a few words to Trump supporters, but what happened when she finished has caused the footage to go viral.

Photographer Jeff Swenson captured photos of the president giving his daughter a kiss on the cheek as she exited the stage, but likely did not expect that they would cause such an uproar on social media.

A number of news outlets published stories about the "pretty full-on kiss" the president gave his daughter. Twitter users zoomed in on the photos to highlight Donald Trump's open mouth as he leaned in to kiss her.

The photo went viral after a 2011 interview with porn star Stormy Daniels resurfaced following claims that she was paid $130,000 by Donald Trump's attorney prior to the 2016 election to keep quiet about her previous affair with him, according to Newsweek.

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In the interview, Daniels claimed that Donald Trump compared her to his daughter.

"We had really good banter," she said in the 2011 interview. "He told me once that I was someone to be reckoned with, beautiful, smart, just like his daughter."

Donald Trump has made a number of comments about Ivanka through the years which cast their relationship in an unusual light.

According to Indy100, in a 2015 interview with Rolling Stone, Donald Trump spoke about Ivanka Trump, saying, "Yeah, she's really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren't happily married and, ya know, her father..."

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In 2006, Donald Trump was asked during an interview with his daughter how he would react if she posed for Playboy magazine. He responded, "It would be really disappointing -- not really -- but it would depend on what's inside the magazine. I don't think Ivanka would do that, although she does have a very nice figure. I've said if Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her. Isn't that terrible? How terrible? Is that terrible?"

In a 2004 interview with Howard Stern, Donald Trump gave the radio host permission to refer to his daughter as "a piece of a*s," and in a 2006 interview with Stern, he said that his daughter has "actually always been very voluptuous," when asked if she had gotten breast implants.

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