Video: Transvestite Cartoon Ad Stirs Controversy

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In Anchorage, Alaska, Proposition 5 would extend anti-discrimination legal protections to gay and transgender people. Voters have yet to have their say, but controversy over Prop. 5 is already heating up.

The 'One Anchorage' campaign is asking the 'Protect Your Rights - Vote No On Prop. 5' campaign to pull an ad (video below) that claims day care centers would be forced to hire transvestites or face jail time if Proposition 5 passes.

In the ad, a cartoon "transvestite" who wants to work at a day care is drawn as a man wearing a short pink dress, high heels and lipstick.

The narrator of the ad warns that if prop. 5 passed, then "it will be illegal for Carol to refuse a job to a transvestite who wants to work with toddlers."

Trevor Storrs, a spokesman for the One Anchorage campaign, said the cartoon ad "is definitely fanning the flames of fear that can lead to hate and violence."

Jim Minnery, a leader of the 'Protect Your Rights - Vote No On Prop. 5' campaign, said the ad points out that because "transgender" isn't defined in the ordinance: "I think it's a shocking flaw in Prop. 5 and shows profound disrespect to voters that the authors didn't feel it was important to provide a definition of transgender identity."


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