Video: Tim Pawlenty Recalls Giving 'Several Years' of Tax Returns to Mitt Romney

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Democrats [and some Republicans] have scolded Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for weeks for not turning over more than two years of tax returns.

Ironically, Romney required at least one vice presidential hopeful to provide several years of tax returns, reports

Appearing on 'This Week,' on Sunday, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty said that he gave Romney 'several years' of tax returns when he was being vetted as a possible vice presidential choice (video below).

Stephanopouls asked: "You did bring up the tax returns. How many years of tax returns did you provide to the Romney campaign?"

Pawlenty answered: "Well, I don’t know the exact number, George, but I, you know, there were several years, I believe."

Stephanopouls asked again: "Several years. So more than two?"

Pawlenty said: "Well, we don’t get into the details of the vetting process, but I, I gave them a bunch of tax returns. I don’t remember the exact number of years."


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