Video: Tennessee Republican Rep. Gerald McCormick Tears Down Campaign Signs of Democrat Frank Eaton

Tennessee Majority Leader, Rep. Gerald McCormick (R) was recorded on video (below) stealing sings of Frank Eaton, the Democratic candidate, who is running against Rep. Richard Floyd in Tennessee's 27th district. Eaton's signs were on public property, reports Daily Kos.

The Chattanoogan adds:

Frank Eaton, Democratic candidate for the House District 27 seat, charged Saturday that House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick pulled up two of his campaign signs.  Rep. Floyd said the signs were illegally placed "and I was doing the guy a favor."

Rep. McCormick said he is a partial owner of a shopping center on Highway 153 and his company manages it. He said he spotted three signs in front of the center, including two Eaton signs and a tree-cutter signs.

In addition to stealing sings, Rep. McCormick also reportedly cursed out Frank Eaton in front of his wife, Joy Eaton, who wrote on her Facebook page: "I was so proud of Frank. He never lost his cool, but he never backed down. He just kept asking questions to get at the truth of what was going on, why this man was jacking our signs, in broad daylight! Apparently, Rep. McCormick is not accustomed to having his feet held to the fire."


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