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Video: Tennessee Republican Brad Staats Posts Gun Picture on Facebook, Says "Welcome to Tennessee, Mr. Obama"

Brad Staats, a Republican running for Congress against Democrat Rep. Jim Cooper in Tennessee, is defending his Facebook post which included a picture of his gun and the message: "Welcome to Tennessee, Mr. Obama," reports The Tennessean.

On his Facebook post, Staats wrote:

Many people in Tennessee keep asking me about my opinion on Second Amendment rights. Apparently Tennesseans are part of that crazy crowd that Obama says “cling to their religion and guns.” Well, then I must be part of that crazy crowd. Here is something that I usually have with me. Welcome to Tennessee Mr. Obama, where we appreciate our 2nd Amendment rights and the Constitution that was wisely given to us by our founding fathers.

When asked by the The Tennessean, if he was trying to threaten President Obama, Statts said: “Good Lord, no. Absolutely not. I’m not one of those that would ever threaten the president. He’s probably got enough of his own stuff to worry about without me.”

“My post from Friday was regarding the fact that the UN Small Arms Treaty, passed last week will undermine our Second Amendment Rights."

However, his original never mentioned the UN arms treaty.

Staats told WKRN-TV (video below): "I’m going to say what I mean and mean what I say and I want Tennesseans and Americans to know that I’m not going to back up on what I say."

"I do want President Obama to know as well as the rest of Congress and everyone else regarding our constitutional rights, don’t tread on America’s Constitution. I think that your liberties, your life can be defended by the proper instructed use of a handgun."

Staats failed to mention that President Obama has actually loosened gun laws by allowing firearms into National Parks.


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