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Video: Tea Party Group 'True the Vote' to Send Whites to Intimidate Blacks at Polling Places

It sounds like something from the days of Jim Crow, but the Tea Party spin off group 'True the Vote' is going to send whites to black polling places in order to intimidate black voters, reports MSNBC's Rachel Maddow (video below).

True the Vote was formed in Houston, Texas, and is spin off of a local Tea Party chapter.  

True the Vote claims that it is dedicated to fighting the non-existent voter fraud epidemic by sending group sending white members to minority districts to approach black voters and challenge their right to vote.

Maddow said: ”True the Vote appears to have targeted mostly black precincts, sending white challengers to stare down voting booths filled with black voters. There were so many reports of an intimidating atmosphere in Houston that election that the Federal Justice Department sent observers in on election day.”

True the Vote is headed by Catherine Englebrecht and has held seminars in Colorado, Florida and Ohio, all swing states.


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