Video: Tea Partier and Republican Christine O’Donnell Says Pres. Obama Uses 'Marxist Sound Bites'


Former Tea Partier and Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell appeared on CNN, on Monday, where she claimed the Obama administration was "championing Marxism" and that President Obama's statements were “Marxist sound bites” (video below).

CNN host Soledad O’Brien asked O’Donnell: “Why do you think they’re Marxist? I mean, you kind of throw the words socialist and Marxist around that are not necessarily, I think, anchored in definitions of socialism and Marxism. So give me the definition.”

O’Donnell replied: “Well, they absolutely are. They absolutely are. But let me, I’ll get to that…”

Later, O’Donnell said: "And I would say that they’re Marxist because of the things that you hear coming from him about share the wealth, economic equality. And these sound bites might sound good and noble on the surface, but the problem is there’s quantifiable data that prove that they simply don’t work."

"And we’re a free market economy that’s supposed to empower the individual, let each person use their gifts, use the rewards to create a better life for themselves instead of what Barack Obama is posing, a tax code that punishes hard work, a tax code that reduces everybody to exactly the same.”

O’Donnell did not give any specific examples where President Obama is proposing to "punish hard work" and reduce everybody to "exactly the same."


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