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Video: Stephen Colbert Says Gov. Rick Perry Makes Sense After You Drink Lead Paint

Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert cheered Governor Rick Perry’s recent call for a moratorium against the Environmental Protection Agency. “I toast Perry’s call to end regulations with a champagne flute of lead paint,” he added. “I tell you, the more I drink of this; the more sense President Perry makes” (video below).

On Monday, the Texas governor announced, “We’re calling today on the president of the United States to put a moratorium on regulations across this country, because his regulations, his EPA regulations are killing jobs all across America.”

(Photo by Comedy Central)

Colbert agreed and said, "I recently had to fire my asbestos taster."

“Yes, any candidate can say the Environmental Protection Agency is killing jobs, but only Perry goes the extra step and says it while killing the environment with his idling bus,” Colbert joked.

Colbert also celebrated that his Super PAC has become Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry’s “official unofficial, non-connected, independent expenditure, all-you-can-eat money trough.”

“Colbert Super PAC has been beating back all these wannabe Super PACs to become Perry’s official unofficial, non-connected, independent expenditure, all-you-can-eat money trough. Now while my Super PAC has been legally forbidden from coordinating with his campaign, I think he likes be back,” Colbert boasted.

“But I would, again, like to emphasize that there is no coordination between Colbert Super PAC and the Perry campaign. That would be wrong and illegal. They are as separate as church and state under a Perry presidency.”


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