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Video: Stephen Colbert Says Allow Concealed Guns In Wisconsin Capitol

On the 'Colbert Report,' host Stephen Colbert saluted Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) for advocating concealed weapons in the state Capitol, which Colbert called “bringing a new freedom to America’s dairy land."

“Damn straight,” Colbert said. “We have a right to bear arms in this country, and, like it or not, Wisconsin is still part of this country. But just because guns may be allowed in the Capitol, doesn’t mean you’ll see gunfire."

Colbert added that cameras are still banned in the Capitol: “Cameras are dangerous. With no waiting period, any whack job could just stroll into a Walmart and walk out with a semi-automatic.”

The Wisconsin state legislature is split on the issue of guns in the Capitol. The Republican-controlled Assembly favors it, but the more evenly split state Senate opposes it.


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