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Video: Stephen Colbert 'Defends' Herman Cain's Electric Fence Idea

Last night, Stephen Colbert tried to defend GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain and his electrifying fence comments, which he may or may not be serious about.

After playing two videos of contrasting Cain statements, Colbert said: "He’s joking, unless you’re into the idea, in which case he means it. It’s like when you say to your girlfriend, ‘Hey, your old college friend Donna was crazy and so much fun, we should have a three way. What! I was joking, why would we do that? Stop crying!'”

He added: “Hey, I know what would cheer you up, how about we do some coke like we did back in the day. Hey, it was a joke, I don’t want to do cocaine unless Donna has some.”

Colbert went on to “endorse” Cain, “unless you’re not into him, in which case I’m just joking.”


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