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Video: Stephen Barton, Victim of Aurora Theater Shooting, Calls for Gun Violence Plan from Obama and Romney

President Obama and GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney will engage in the first of their three debates on Wednesday at the University of Denver.

In response to the debate, Stephen Barton, a victim of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting, appears in a new ad (video below) asking Romney and Obama for a plan to curb gun violence, reports

The ad was produced by Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Barton said: "This past summer in a movie theater in Colorado, I was shot. Shot in the face and neck. But I was lucky. In the next four years, 48,000 Americans won’t be so lucky, because they’ll be murdered with guns in the next president’s term, enough to fill over 200 theaters. So when you watch the presidential debates, ask yourself, ‘Who has a plan to stop gun violence?"


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