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Video: Spike Lee Says 'Expectations Were Way Too High' for Pres. Obama

Film director Spike Lee recently told CNN, in an interview to broadcast on Sunday, that expectations were too high for President Barack Obama (video below).

Lee told CNN's Don Lemon: “Oh, yeah. He was the savior, black Jesus. Expectations were way too high for what somebody can deliver, knowing how politics works and knowing that you have to deal with the Congress.”

Lee also slammed the Republican dominated Congress for blocking President Obama's programs since 2010: “Whatever you do, we’re blocking it. Every breath we take, we’re going to do what we can that you don’t get a second term. Bottom line. If it hurts America in the process... tough business.”

“Who’s perfect? My wife and I had a fundraiser at our house, we raised over a million dollars for him. I’m going to do what I can to help that he gets a second term in office.”


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