Video: 'SNL' Parody of Mayor Bloomberg and Occupy Wall Street

Saturday Night Live did a parody of New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s well-known frustration of Occupy Wall Street protest this weekend.

“I like to apologize for all the Hurricane Irene hysteria this summer, but since you were such b—hes about the snow storm last year, you left me with little choice,” 'Bloomberg' said.

“While these protests began in New York, these other protests have spread around the globe, proving once again that New York sets the trends and the rest of the world follows.”

He added: “So with all due respect to Chicago, Los Angeles, and London, if you’re looking to vent your rage at a system where the richest 1 percent controls 40 percent of the planet’s wealth, there is no better time, and no better place, than autumn in New York.”


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