Video: 'The Simpsons' Parodies GOP Voter ID Laws

The Fox TV series 'The Simpsons' released a preview of an upcoming episode in which Homer  Simpson is confronted with new voter ID laws, which is actually being done by Republicans around the country (video below), reports RawStory.com.

When he walks into a polling place on Election Day, a crochety poll worker informs Homer: “Stopping all Americans from voting is for the protection of all Americans.”

However, after Homer explains that he is a “40-year-old white guy who didn’t go to college and gets all his news from monitors at gas stations,” the poll worker allows him to vote.

Homer casts his ballot for Mitt Romney because “he invented Obamacare,” but then is told by the voting machine that Romney had a medical deduction for a personality implant and the U.S. the government paid Romney taxes.


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