Video: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says Pres. Obama's Birth Certificate is "Undoubtedly Fraudulent"

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Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced, on Tuesday, that his investigation had found the long-form birth certificate released by President Barack Obama was “undoubtedly fraudulent” (video below).

Arpaio said: “Through the hard work of Mike Zullo and his team of investigators we have pointed out some inconsistencies, or oddities, relating to the President’s birth certificate. Taken one by one they may not be terribly concerning. But put them altogether and they paint a picture of deception that requires a federal inquiry."

“My hope is that the U.S. Congress will take over from here if not to further the birth certificate forgery possibility, then at least to examine the state of Hawaii’s laws in regards to the issuance of birth certificates which may be permitting untold numbers of foreign born people to wrongly gain U.S. citizenship.”

Mike Zullo, the chief investigator and author of so-called “birther” books, said that after a trip to Hawaii the investigators found that coding numbers seen on the President’s birth certificate were not consistent with the coding required by the federal government.

Zullo also said Hawaii Assistant Attorney General Jill Nagamine refused to give the sheriff’s investigators permission to see the original birth documents held by the Hawaii Department of Health.


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