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Video: Sen. Tom Coburn Claims Obamacare will "Sovietize" Health Care

Appearing on CBS’ 'Face The Nation' on Sunday, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) claimed that Obamacare will "sovietize" the U.S. health care system because “it means the bureaucrats and politicians are in charge of your health care."

Sen. Coburn said: "Well it means the bureaucrats and politicians are in charge of your health care and that’s exactly what this has done there’s not going to be individual choice. Remember the components of this bill. There’s an IPAB bill, the preventative services task force, that is going to mandate what care will be given and what care won’t be."

"There’s the innovation council that will approve or disapprove of any new innovation. We have three agencies that are totally going to take away the options of your freedom about your care and about what you and your physician decide is best for you. So Soviet style, what I’m saying is you’re going to have a bureaucracy … government bureaucracy is one of the reasons costs are out of control."

However, the IPAB [Independent Payment Advisory Board] is actually a commission that would make recommendations for Medicare spending to Congress, not a task force with "mandate" power over what care will or will not be given.

According to, the Affordable Care Act states that IPAB’s recommendations cannot “include any recommendation to ration health care, raise revenues or Medicare beneficiary premiums…increase Medicare beneficiary cost- sharing (including deductibles, coinsurance, and co- payments), or otherwise restrict benefits or modify eligibility criteria.”


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