Video: Sen. Scott Brown's Staff Mocks Democrat Elizabeth Warren with Tomahawk Chop

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Members of Sen. Scott Brown’s (R-MA) staff reportedly appear on a video (below) mocking his Democrat opponent Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage with the 'Tomahawk Chop.'

The video shows his supporters doing the Tomahawk Chop chant against Warren supporters, reports

WCVB-TV reports that Brown’s Deputy Chief of Staff Greg Casey and Constituent Service Counsel Jack Richard are seen in the video.

Sen. Brown told WCVB-TV: “It is certainly something that I don’t condone. The real offense is that [Warren] said she was white and then checked the box saying she is Native American, and then she changed her profile in the law directory once she made her tenure.”

A new Brown campaign ad includes news clips questioning Warren’s claims that her mother was part Cherokee and part Delaware Indian, which critics say she exploited for professional gain.


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