Video: Sen. Rob Portman Falsely Claims Pres. Obama Apologized After U.S Embassies Were Attacked

'CBS This Morning' co-host Norah O’Donnell called out Ohio Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH), on Thursday, when he falsely claimed multiple times that the Obama administration had apologized after U.S. embassies were attacked in Egypt and Libya (video below), reports Mediaite.com.

Sen. Portman said: ”The first statement that came out, and it says at its start, 'we apologize.' I think most Americans would look at that and say, gosh, that’s not the appropriate response when your embassy is assaulted, when the American flag is taken down, and two Islamic flags put up over American territory and lives were in jeopardy.”

O’Donnell corrected Sen. Portman: “The statement from the U.S. embassy in Cairo was issued before there were any attacks. They were issued because there was concern about protests. Do you know that?”

Sen. Portman answered: “Uhh, no. I was not aware it was issued before there were any attacks."

Undeterred, Sen. Portman defended Mitt Romney and falsely claimed several more times  that there was an apology from Pres. Obama after the embassy attacks, to which O’Donnell said: “Senator, there was no condemning the attacks had not occurred. When the attacks occurred, of course the administration came out and condemned that."


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