Mitch McConnell: Ban Birth Control Coverage for Any Reason

Appearing on 'Face the Nation,' Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said that he supports a bill by Sen Roy Blunt (R-MS) that gives any employer the right to exclude any type of birth control that they find objectionable (video below).

Sen. McConnell said that he wasn’t satisfied with the way that the Obama administration had mandated health insurance companies cover birth control, even though Catholic hospitals and universities will no longer have to provide the services directly.

Host Bob Schieffer asked: “Sen. (Roy) Blunt from Missouri — one of your Republican colleagues — he wants an amendment now that would allow any group that had a moral objection to this to not have to pay for birth control pills. Are you willing to go as far a Sen. Blunt?”

McConnell answered: “Yeah. If we end up having to overcome the president’s opposition by legislation then, of course, I’d be happy to support it and intend to support it.”


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