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McCain Adviser Steve Schmidt: Sarah Palin Presidency "Frightens Me"

Steve Schmidt, a former senior strategist for Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) 2008 presidential campaign, who fought hard to make Sarah Palin Vice President now says that the idea of a Palin presidency "frightens him."

Speaking to MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski on Monday (video below), Schmidt says that the depiction of Sarah Palin by actress Julianne Moore in HBO’s film 'Game Change' was “very accurate.”

Schmidt, who defended Palin numerous times over the years, added: “I think when you look back at that race, you see person who’s just so phenomenally talented in so many levels, an ability to connect, but also someone who had a lot flaws and someone running to be in the national command authority who clearly wasn’t prepared.”

“What’s worse in that context for me is with regard to the country that I love, that I have family members in the uniformed services in the armed services. We have 100,000 people in Afghanistan. When a result happens that puts someone who is not prepared to be president on the ticket, that’s a bad result.”

“I think the notion of Sarah Palin being president of the United States is something that frightens me, frankly.”


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