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Video: Sen. Jeff Sessions Defends Cutting Food Stamps for Poor People

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) defended his plan to cut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) during an appearance on CNN’s Starting Point on Tuesday (video below).

Sen. Sessions' logic is that since unemployment has gone down, there is less need for food stamps. However, he did not address the working poor who cannot always afford to feed their children, reports

Sen. Sessions said: “This program has been growing out of control at an incredible rate and there are a lot of people receiving benefits who do not qualify and should not receive them. No child, no person who needs food should be denied that food. Nobody proposes that."

"We are talking about an amendment that I offered that would have reduced and closed a loophole of $8 billion when we would spend $800 billion was opposed by saying it would help, it would leave people hungry in America, but it would have only eliminated abuses in the program.”

CNN host Soledad O'Brien reminded Sen. Sessions that he voted twice to expand the program and the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities had determined that “SNAP has one of the most rigorous quality control systems of any public benefit program.”

O’Brien said: “The problem could be in the reverse because less than 70 percent of the people who qualify for food stamps were using the program. So, why not cut something else? There are other things that could be on the table before you pick a program that is feeding the nations poor children.”

Sen. Sessions added: “I say all programs need to be examined in this government. This government is wasting money every day. There is no doubt about that. And food stamps is a program that was totally exempted from any oversight when it has gone up four times in the last ten years in the amount we spend."


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