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Video: Sasha Obama Lets Out Yawn During Father's Speech

Kids yawn all the time, especially when they're forced to listen to a long speech and attend a long ceremony. Usually these yawns go unnoticed, but when you're the daughter of the president, everyone pays attention to that yawn and turns it into a viral sensation. 

Sasha Obama let out a yawn when she was watching her father's inauguration speech. Sasha, 11, was sitting next to her mother and older sister Malia. Sasha looked tired and a little bored, something to be expected of a young girl attending such a grown-up oriented event. 

When Sasha let out that yawn, she probably didn't realize the cameras were on her, and if she did, she probably didn't think it would turn into as big of a deal as it has. 

Comments about Sasha's yawn have taken over Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Many think she should have held in her yawn. 

But if Sasha is feeling bad about it, she shouldn't. Many politicians, many years older than her, have yawned and even fallen asleep during an event (Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, for example).


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