Video: Sarah Palin Says Pres. Obama is "Ignorant" on Energy Policy


During a Tuesday interview on Fox News, former half-term Republican Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said President Barack Obama was “ignorant” on energy policy and added that the president wasn’t doing enough to support “drill, baby, drill” and “frack, baby, frack” (video below).

Palin falsely suggested that more domestic oil production would lower U.S. gas prices, which has been debunked numerous times, due to the fact U.S. energy companies sell oil on the world market, where they can get the highest price.

Palin said: “Yeah, unleashing domestic energy production, aka ‘drill, baby, drill’ and ‘frack, baby, frack’ and allow pipelines to be built. All of that’s very important. And mining our minerals."

"But when you look at what Barack Obama is actually doing with killing the Keystone pipeline, the part that he has authority over, actually, and his mission of bankrupting coal companies, which leads to less electricity in the U.S., the things that he’s actually doing, not just saying, what’s he actually doing are burdening our American energy opportunities.”

Fox News co-host Andrea Tantaros asked :“Is it politics or or is he just ignorant on this issue?"

Palin answered: “I think he’s ignorant on the issue. There are so many things that contribute to his terrifyingly naïve and purposeful assault on our energy production.”


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