Video: Sarah Palin Guest Hosts the 'Today' show

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On Tuesday morning’s 'Today' show, former half-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R) appeared determined to play the good sport (video below).

Palin appeared hidden behind a pile of newspapers, a joking reference to Matt Lauer’s question yesterday (whether the governor had been reading lots of newspapers to prepare).

Lauer welcomed Gov. Palin and reminded her that by joining him in hosting the eight o’clock hour, she was technically becoming a part of “the lamestream media.”

During an interview with Lauer, Palin took some shots at President Obama: “We still have fewer jobs today than when Barack Obama took over. And we have debt being incurred at $3 million a minute. Our government is spending too much money, and people are understanding that we cannot keep going down the path that we’re headed.”

Lauer responded: “I sat down with him, John Boehner, last week. I said is the economy improving? He said yes, it is. And I said, so how do Republicans run against an improving economy? He said, ‘You say, it should be better.’”

Palin responded: “It should be a lot better" and added “things aren’t getting better fast enough.”


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