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Video: Sarah Palin Compares OWS Protesters to Billionaires

Speaking to Republican donors in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, former half-term Alaska governor Sarah Palin (video below) compared Occupy Wall Street protesters to billionaires, who are asking for a bailout.

There is no news record of Occupy Wall Street protesters asking for a bailout and Palin didn't produce any evidence of her claim.

Palin also claimed that President Obama, who signed the Dodd-Frank bill regulating Wall Street, is “owned by Wall Street.”

Politico reports that Palin told donors that the “fat cats, as he calls them, they’re his friends. They’re his pals. That’s where he gets his campaign donations. And he’s very generous about giving these cats their cat nip, bigger returns on their investments in bailouts.”

Palin failed to mention that Wall Street also contributed to her and Senator John McCain's failed bid for the White House in 2008.


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