Video: Sarah Palin Apologizes for Calling the GOP "Wusses"


In a rare moment of contriteness, former half-term Alaska Governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin apologized for telling Republicans not to be “wusses,” reports

Palin said Monday night on Fox News 'Hannity' (video below): "Well, I guess I shouldn’t call politicians names, so I apologize for calling the wobbly ones wusses. Because that distracts from the point that has to be made. and the point is that we are a bankrupt country.”

"So I say, Republicans, go back to what the planks in your platform represent. It represents reining in government, putting back the power and the responsibility in the individual, not in the state, not in government. Again, that gets us towards socialism. What goes beyond socialism…is communism. I know I’m going to get slammed for speaking so bluntly about what’s going on here, but that’s exactly what is going on.”


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