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Video: Romney Supporters Insult Cardboard Pres. Obama "Go Back to Kenya!"

At a rally for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Denver on Monday, Romney supporters yelled insults at a cardboard cut-out of President Obama, reports (video below).

ProgressNow Action brought the Obama cut-out to the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum to see what Romney voters would say.

Romney supporters made comments such as:

“Shouldn’t he be in the bowing position like he did in front of the kind of Saudi Arabia and China?”

“Strangle him."

“Why are you supporting an Islamist, Marxist, idiot socialist?”

“Can you punch him?”

“Go home, go back to Kenya!"

ProgressNow executive director Joanne Schwartz told KDVR-TV: It’s clear that not all, but many within Romney’s base of support dislike the President for irrational and often hateful reasons. Comments like ‘go back to Kenya,’ and asserting Obama is ‘black and used up’ reflect a much uglier prejudice than most Americans would identify with."


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