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Video: Romney Supporter Richard Brysac Gags Protester Al Neal

Today, during a Mitt Romney rally at strip mall in Parma, Ohio, Romney supporter Richard Brysac silenced protester Al Neal by shoving a handkerchief into his mouth (video below).

At the strip mall, Romney was joined by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (R), who is a possible Romney running mate.

When Gov. Pawlenty took the stage, protesters yelled: “Pawlenty go home.”

At one point, Brysac tried to quiet Neal by pouring a bottle of water in his mouth. When that didn’t work, Brysac stuffed the handkerchief in Neal’s mouth.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports:

“He seemed thirsty, so I tried to shove the bottle in his mouth,” Brysac said. “I thought it was wrong to interfere with [Pawlenty's] freedom of speech. I acted out of character and I apologize if I offended anyone.”


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