Video: Romney Campaign Tells Reporter Shaun Boyd Not to Ask Questions About Abortion or Rep. Todd Akin

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CBS Denver reporter Shaun Boyd recently tried to ask Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney about Rep. Todd Akin about the “legitimate rape” abortion controversy, but the Romney campaign refused.

In a broadcast on Thursday, Boyd revealed the Romney campaign’s demand that she not ask about Rep. Akin or abortion (video below).

Boyd said: “You know, I had about five minutes with him, and we got through a fair amount of material, actually, in that five minutes. The one stipulation to the interview was that I not ask him about abortion or Todd Akin, he’s the Missouri Republican who created a firestorm after saying women’s shut down in a legitimate rape to prevent pregnancy. I did ask him about health care, the female vote, and energy.”

The Romney campaign told “This is not how we operate. The matter is being addressed.”


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