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Video: Rick Santorum's Wife Claims It's "God's Will" For Him to Run for President

The wife of Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, Karen Santorum, told GBTV’s Glenn Beck, that it was God's will for her husband to run for president: “I personally think this is God’s will. I think He has us on a path. And I do think there’s a lot more happening that what we are seeing.”

Beck asked: “How close do you think we are to losing the republic?”

Karen Santorum answered: “Oh, it’s such a concern. I just really believe so strongly. This is why we are making the sacrifice we are as a family to give all. Because I do believe if President Obama is elected again, I do believe we are going to lose our nation as we know it.”

She claimed that after praying to God she received an answer: “What did it for me, though, was Obamacare. Because we have, as you know, a little precious, a little angel, little Bella — special needs little girl. And when Obamacare passed, that was it. That put the fire in my belly.”

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and businessman Herman Cain have all claimed that God urged them to seek the Republican nomination for president, and all have dropped out.


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