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Video: Restaurant Owner Joseph Mellus Wipes Down Mitt Romney's Face

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, stopped by the Tin Fish restaurant in Port Saint Lucie, Florida on Sunday, where the weather was rainy.

At the restaurant, owner Joseph Melluso gave Romney's wet face an unexpected wipe down with paper napkins, reports FOX 5 WTTG.

Romney laughed hesitantly and said: "Thank you, thank you... you're next. It's a little rainy out there." Melluso then tried remove something from the corner of Romney's lip, but the GOP candidate said: "I got it!"

Melluso told the Daily Mail: "It was raining when he came in and he was dripping, so I took a wad of napkins and I dabbed his face. I'm a chef and when I'm cooking, my assistants always wipe my face with a towel and I appreciate it."

"Then I noticed there was a piece of paper stuck to the corner of his mouth and I thought, ''I don't want to have our next president with paper towel on his face.' I was trying to take the paper from his face, it was a sincere gesture."

The Romneys and their entourage ate wild salmon and scallops.

Melluso said he supports Romney's message and would be voting for him.


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