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Video: Republicans Accused of 'Race-Baiting' With Cartoon About Pres. Obama

With President Barack Obama making a campaign stop in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday, the Texas Republican Party produced a cartoon which seems to suggest that President Obama might secretly be a foreigner.

Using the classic Aesop fable 'The Tortoise and the Hare,' Texas Republicans produced 'The Story of The Elephant and The Donkey,' where the donkey represents President Obama and the elephant represents Republicans.

In the video (below), the narrator says “as the race went on through the great land, the elephant appeared steady, while the donkey appeared lost.”

When the donkey crosses into Mexico and then attemptis to cross back into Texas, a text box asks “Can we see your papers?”

“Of course not,” the donkey replies.

Texas Democratic Party spokeswoman Rebecca Acuña said in a statement: “Republicans continue their race-baiting while Mitt Romney won’t show the American people the papers that matter. Romney probably doesn’t want the American people to know whether he’s taken advantage of foreign tax havens to avoid paying his fair share.”


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