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Video: Republican Rep. Peter King Slams GOP for Refusing to Vote on Hurricane Sandy Relief

During an interview with CNN this morning, Republican New York Congressman Peter King threatened to leave his party because the GOP refused to pass a relief package for victims of Hurricane Sandy (video below).

Rep. King slammed House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) for not bringing Hurricane Sandy aid up for a vote after passing the 'fiscal cliff' bill last night, reports

Rep. King said: “Boehner is the one. He walked off the floor. He refused to tell us why. He refused to give us any indication or warning whatsoever… I’m just saying, these people have no problem finding New York, these Republicans,  when they’re trying to raise money."

"They raise millions of dollars in New York City and New Jersey, they sent Gov. Christie around the country raising millions of dollars for them. I’m saying, anyone from New York and New Jersey who contributes one penny to the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee should have their head examined. I would not give one penny to these people based on what they did to us last night."

CNN host Victor Blackwell asked Rep. King if the Hurricane Sandy relief incident was enough to make him leave the GOP.

Rep. King replied: “I’m going to do what I have to do. I’m going to be independent minded. Sometimes, as John Kennedy said, party loyalty demands too much. And I would, as all of us do, often, you give the benefit of the doubt to your party. We are a two-party system. But I’m over that because as the very least, you’re expected to be treated fairly… When your people are literally freezing in the winter and their without food and their without shelter and they’re without clothing and my own party refuses to help them, then why should I help the Republican Party?”

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) angrily scolded the GOP House leadership for not voting on Hurricane Sandy relief last night, reports Crooksand (video below).


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