Video: Republican Poll Watcher Dayton Conway Reports on "Very High Concentration of People of Color" Voting


On Thursday, the head of the Maine Republican Party, Charlie Webster, complained about the number of black voters on Election Day, saying: “Nobody in town knows anyone who’s black.”

However, Webster was not the only Republican concerned about black people voting. 

The social justice organization recorded a video (below) in which Republican poll worker Dayton Conway tells someone on the phone that there have been a "very high concentration of people of color" at the polling place.

Conway was phoning the day after Election Day from the Arapahoe County CentrePoint Plaza in Aurora, Colorado, reports

Conway said: “Yeah, a very high concentration of people of color. It’s not a problem, but, you know, when I go to the mall I see, you know this amount. Well I’m seeing at least double or triple that amount here. So what I’m saying is, it looks to me like this voting location was selected as the place they told everyone to come.”


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